Nursery Zones


Our construction Zone provides children with all of the resources they need to build and create the tallest towers to the smallest villages. The construction zone is where children combine their imagination and problem-solving skills to build and create. This zone supports children to extend their ideas and imagination while supporting fine and gross motor skills. Construction play is when children use various resources, loose parts, toys or objects to build or create something new. The construction zone supports children in many areas; children learn to plan, envision, assemble, mould, stack and create.


Our small world zone supports children’s development by supporting creativity and encouraging imaginative play. Small world play allows children to learn about and explore topics and themes through a range of small toys, props and additional resources. These can be entirely fiction based or can further expand on real-life interests or topics we discuss. This area also allows children to build on their communication and language skills. Children will expand their vocabulary, understanding and imagination as they create, discover and develop more based on the resources.


Our Math and Literacy zone is packed with resources to support and develop children’s fine motor skills and numeracy skills. Children interact with a variety of mailable play that helps strengthen children’s pincer grasp; this lays the foundation to support children with pencil grip. Our math resources support children in developing their mathematical thinking; children begin to make estimations and predictions.


Our role play teaches children that they do anything they put their mind to. In our role play, zone children are provided with a variety of resources to support children. Our role play zone supports children by encouraging imagination while supporting language and communication with peers and staff. In addition, the children are provided with various real-world resources to extend their play; these are often based around our theme or topic and are led by the children.


Our Creative zone supports children to develop problem-solving skills, developing their imagination, concentration and critical thinking. The creative zone helps children to develop their ideas by exploring different materials and tools and discovering new concepts and techniques. Children develop independence and have independent access to all resources to create freely. Children develop their imagination when they are provided with open-ended resources.


Our reading and quiet zone children support literacy, understanding of the world, and self-regulation. The bookshelf is packed full of fiction and non-fiction books based on our topic or the children’s interests. These books are rotated weekly, the children choose the subject and books for the next week, and they help to set up. When the children are set up, they show more engagement in the topic as they have participated from the beginning. In addition, our quiet zone is a perfect break from the busy room; children have access to the ‘Cool down Zone’; this is an area that supports children in learning how to self-regulate. Teaching children strategies to self-regulate helps independence and understanding and promotes emotional wellbeing.