Due to all the extra curricular performance based activities offered at Big Time Pre-Prep, we like to make sure that all children are comfortable and have the ability to move and explore freely. 

T-shirts & Jumpers
As part of our registration fee, students will be provided with one vibrant and colourful Big Time t-shirt and jumper. Uniform isn’t compulsory but is a nice option to have. School uniform helps promote a sense of pride, self-confidence, and a feeling of belonging within the student body. Our Big Timers can explore all of our wonderful resources and arts and crafts without fear of getting their own clothes messy. 

Useful Extras

We recommend children wear comfortable leggings or tracksuit bottoms and avoid skirts, dresses and jeans. During their time with us children will experience daily activities in fitness, dance, and karate so it’s really important your child’s movement isn’t restricted and they’re able to move freely. 
With all the wonderful extra curricular activities taking place at Big Time Pre-prep, it’s beneficial for little ones to have soft dance shoes that ensure safe practice when enjoying classes such as yoga, ballet and gymnastics, and also help to keep the floor and their environment clean.