Our Aims and Ethos

Our aims are to revolutionize the way nurseries offer education and development with our arts, culture and educational approach. 

Families are facing unique pressures and challenges that require innovation, inspiration and dedication to ensure they are receiving the best value, best education and cultural nurshiment.

We will revolutionise the sector with an environmentally conscious, culturally rich curriculum that will provide your children with the rounded perspective, experiences and inspirations needed for modern living. 

We want families to feel valued and supported with our free parent club offerings and all inclusive no hidden fee approach to extra curricular activities.


Our setting will be limited to 25 places only though it can take many more. The reason is simple; we value quality more than quantity. We want individual attention for your child and a supportive environment that allows them to flourish with space to grow. 

Your children will explore and learn, guided by our outstanding team of professionals with the experience, energy and dedication to ensure you.and your children are at the center of everything we do.

At Big Time pre prep family is at the center of everything we do

Big Time Pre Prep offers a distinctive solution for families looking to provide a well-rounded, stimulating , high quality educational experience for their children. With focus on arts and culture offerings for our students, our extra curricular classes include, dance, ballet, drama, foreign language, music lessons and much more all in one place. For one fee with no hidden costs.

All for one fee.

Big Time Pre Prep provides children between the ages of 2 and 5 with the confidence to interact and socialise with other children and adults, to develop the skills that aid transition to school life and provide a stimulating environment within which children can learn in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage (“EYFS”).

Children are able to develop at their own pace, both physically and creatively in a warm, friendly and nurturing atmosphere.

Our emphasis is on emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as building and developing a nurturing community for our families.