At Big Time Pre-prep we provide children with a wide range of food and teach children healthy habits. We have our very own chef who prepares yummy and nutritional lunches for our Big Timers. 

Children learn and adopt lifelong habits in their early years, this is why we believe in promoting healthy eating nutrition even to our youngest children. At Big Time Pr-Prep the children are involved in every aspect of our food and snack time. Children are given autonomy when choosing and making daily snacks. This offers a wonderful opportunity for children to discuss what food we will have and the potential benefits of certain foods over others. This helps to develop their basic skills from pouring, mixing and cutting. 

When children have the opportunity to make food they are more likely to try new foods as they have been involved in the preparation. This activity boosts children’s self-esteem and confidence as they have accomplished something independently. Each day children are provided with foods that cover a wide range of food groups and are nutritionally balanced. We work in collaboration with parents to promote the habits children learn at Nursery at home.

Take a look at our yummy two week meal plan below: